Black Bear Hunts

(Ursus Americanus- Latin Name)  With plenty of food near the coastal areas of Cordova, our Black Bear have always been plentiful in the Cordova area, both during the spring and fall hunts.  As always, we have goals, trying to achieve 6 foot or better, with an occasional 8 footer taken.  Black Bear hunts are conducted 1X1(one guide, one client) to ensure your ultimate success.  But many times it’s a great starter hunt for the new young hunter to compatibility their parents or guardian.  Depending on where you are hunt in the Cordova area, both client and guide are transported by the use of small aircraft the day before your hunt begins.  Each Black Bear spike camp are portable and removable to assure the best possible area to hunt.  Each spike camp tent are 8’X8’ or larger and are equipped with cots and heaters for your comfort.  Again, Black Bear habitat varies from high covered snow peaks of their denning areas to the coastal grass areas near the coastal areas, during April, May and June.  During the fall, most bears are hunted where berries are plentiful, either high up in the mountainous hillsides or low coastal areas where sometimes berries are thick.  Once your trophy is taken, and it is then tagged, skinned and peel, the meat is quartered and packed out to the extraction point.  You are welcome to take your Black Bear meat back with you, and I can direct you to a local butcher in Cordova, that can process the meat for you.  If you choose not to take your Black Bear meat back with you, the meat will be donated to a local elders or local charity in Cordova, never wasted.  Once the Black Bear hide and skull are back at the lodge, hide is fleshed, ears, lips, nose, tail is turned and knuckles are out, it is then salted.  Trophies are normally shipped from lodge to my expeditor in Anchorage, at the end of the season.